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RESIDE revolutionizes the outdated long term
care admissions process.

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Filling out 150 pages of dense admissions paperwork is overwhelming and frustrating. Simply scanning the pages onto a screen does not solve the problem. RESIDE delivers a simple, individualized admission experience that residents and families can complete on their own, while you oversee and track their progress using the RESIDE dashboard.

Powerful, Actionable Data.

Measure and monitor every admission from start to finish. Understand staff and facility performance, admissions trends, and other facility and regional-level results with our cloud-based admissions solution. Plus, RESIDE syncs seamlessly with your EHR.

An admissions software partner that
really understands admissions.

Frustrated families. Missing paperwork. We understand how difficult the process of transitioning a resident into a skilled nursing facility
or other long-term care setting can be.

Improve Resident

Start each relationship strong with RESIDE’s user-friendly format, educational features, simplified e-signing, and remote access.

Save Time
and Money.

With RESIDE, your admissions staff can spend less time chasing information and more time welcoming their new residents.

Instant Oversight
and Compliance.

RESIDE helps skilled nursing facilities and other long-term care operators track application status, focus only on the tasks that need attention, and minimize compliance risk.

RESIDE has streamlined and simplified the patient contracting process for both user and provider.  RESIDE’s technology removes the guesswork for the end user and even includes video clips to explain what was traditionally covered a 70 plus page contract. The app allows the user to complete the contracts before they arrive and in the comfort of their own home.  It will help us provide the next level of service to our guests and provides them with an easy to understand personalized experience.

Ian Crook
Ian Crook Chief Operating Officer, ITEX

Working in this field for the last 17 years, I have seen many attempts to improve our admissions process, though none of these changes were as meaningful as RESIDE. I have a mindset that ‘if it’s not broken, don’t change it’. However, the old paper admissions process was broken. Changing to RESIDE was easier than I expected. With RESIDE I can now focus on welcoming the residents and families instead of trying to explain confusing contract terminology. RESIDE takes care of it for me. RESIDE allows me to be more efficient with my time and more compassionate with each resident and family.

Lisa Arismendi Admissions Director, Aperion Care Forest Park

We are so delighted with the RESIDE app. Acclimating the staff to the new technology was easy and intuitive. We didn’t need the usual ‘hand-holding’ when training the staff. Also, the residents love it. When we showed families the stack of paper they would have been reviewing and signing compared to the RESIDE app, their reactions were priceless. RESIDE has allowed our facilities to be more efficient, productive, and patient centered. They are a true partner!

Araceli Acosta
Araceli Acosta Regional Director of Admissions, Aperion Care

When I first saw RESIDE’s demo, it was hard for me to imagine how the software was going to help our facility, as we were used to doing the admission process in the old pen-and-paper style. However, the program, as well as their on-boarding training, is so user-friendly that it took me no time to learn and start using RESIDE. Now, after using it for over a month at our building, I am very happy we adopted this new technology. RESIDE is of great help when it comes to tracking new residents and their specific needs.

Kim Martinez Director of Admissions, Aperion Care

I love what you guys have. Your product is amazing.

Vanessa Acosta Financial Coordinator, Aperion Care Oak Lawn

I love RESIDE! It’s simple, easy, and to the point.

Diamond Walton Admissions Director, Aperion Care Oak Lawn

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