For Operators.

Ensure a top-notch digital admissions process at every community while keeping long-term care staff and families happy with RESIDE’s suite of administrative tools.

Track and Improve.

12 – 19% of revenue is lost during the admissions process due to incorrect or unverified information. RESIDE ensures accountability at each stage, what is the status of each admissions contract, which residents are missing OBRA documentation, which staff members are performing to complete admissions on time. Having timely admissions insights can help you spot opprtunities, identify trends, and take action on challenges sooner.


Understanding how many residents have agreed to arbitration is key for managing legal risk. See facility and region-level statistics at a glance, so you know where to focus your efforts to drive results.

More than half of skilled nursing operators manage two or more facilities.

Whether you manage 20 or 200 communities, consistency and quality matter.
Our nursing home admissions technology enables operators to give each family the welcome they deserve and gain unprecedented visibility into the admission process.

Instant Oversight
and Compliance.

Does your resident have a DNR order? RESIDE won’t let you close the admission until it’s in the resident’s chart. Built-in compliance tools for legal, managed care, and other requirements protect your facilities from costly errors, fines, and lawsuits.

Built to Scale.

No matter how many facilities you run, our on-boarding software for long-term care facilities makes it simple to implement and manage a standardized, high-quality admissions process.

online admissions process

Stay Current.

Healthcare rules and regulations are constantly changing. An outdated admissions process puts your facilities reputation and revenue at risk. RESIDE is designed to keep your facility up-to-date and deliver actionable insight on every admission. Having information at your fingerprints is essential to ensuring speed, accurancy, and compliance.