Admissions will Never
be the Same.

The RESIDE software takes the stress out of admissions for residents and families, while helping long-term care facilities improve compliance and gain data-driven insights.


Inconvenient Process.

Upon admission, facility staff takes resident or family from their bedside to the admissions office to review complex legal documentation.

Complex Documentation.

The admissions coordinator spends hours presenting and helping residents complete 100-150 pages of policies, notifications, agreements, and coverage documentation.

Missing Requirements.

Admissions staff often must follow up to obtain missing documents or requirements, creating inefficiencies and frustration.

No Visibility.

Admissions staff must track missing documents from each resident’s admit pack manually. This makes it difficult to complete paperwork accurately and limits visibility into application status at the facility and at the corporate levels.


Convenient Access.

Entering a long-term care facility is often overwhelming for residents and families. With RESIDE’s on-boarding software for long-term care, you can make the move easier, faster, and friendlier.

Streamlined Experience.

Trade 150-page contracts for a simplified digital admissions process and e-signing. Communities can pre-flight the app with individual resident details to save families more time.

Simple Approvals.

RESIDE walks families through medical and legal terms, like advanced directives and arbitration, so they can complete their admission with confidence.

Real-Time Insights.

The online admissions platform enables residents to complete their admission from their bedside, their home, the hospital, or anywhere else they choose. Remote access makes it easy for families and caregivers to get involved, too.

admissions, with a
personal touch.

RESIDE is as easy-to-use as your favorite app, yet offers the deep insights of enterprise software for long-term care facilities.

  • 1-click e-signing.
  • Ability to pre-flight resident details.
  • Centralized management and tracking of all admissions, including new, in-progress, signed and approved applications.
  • Seamless integration with your chosen EHR.
  • Facility and regional-level strategic reporting.
  • Operator dashboard with measurable analytics, and reports.