operational efficiencies

with resident admissions software

Complete Care has been providing dependable long-term care that improves the lives of its residents. In just five years, Complete Care has grown at an impressive pace — evolving from one to over 90 facilities across six different regions.

With cutting-edge technology and data insights to stay ahead of the curve, Complete Care empowers their staff to make informed, proactive decisions.

We spoke to Jennifer Leatherbarrow, Senior Vice President of Clinical Informatics at Complete Care, to learn more about how Reside Admissions and Complete Care improved the efficiency and accuracy of resident admissions.

The Challenge

Complete Care was on a mission to streamline processes and enhance the resident intake experience. Their biggest challenge was being able to effectively monitor the completion of resident admissions paperwork which could only happen if they introduced a scalable and effective process. The existing system that Complete Care used was manual, paper-based and relied on staff to manage stacks of paperwork at varying stages of completion, each with different requirements.

Ensuring all necessary on-paper signatures were obtained from both residents and their families presented another significant obstacle including time delays as everyone involved had to physically be present in the building to sign admissions contracts.

Additionally, residents and family members are expected to sign multiple pages, leaving many asking, “How many times do I need to sign my name?” As a result, the Admissions Coordinator or Director spends extra hours everyday to help write names on each page in hopes of expediting the process.

Despite all efforts, inaccuracies due to human error can occur. It is not uncommon to have missing signatures and misspelled names, which can further extend the process and cause potential legal implications. It was clear that Complete Care needed to find a way to improve processes to ensure that families experienced a seamless and compassionate transition for their loved ones.

The Solution

Determined to revolutionize the process, Complete Care looked to implement a system that would make admissions easier and stress-free for residents, families and staff. This is when they discovered Reside Admissions — an industry leading Connected Admissions Platform and Top 10% PointClickCare Partner.

The implementation stage was extremely simple. Complete Care’s admissions coordinators only needed a 30-minute training session before getting started, and less than five hours a week to get each facility live and active on the platform. Within just a few weeks, Complete Care was able to replace all resident admissions paper contracts with electronic documents using tablets and other mobile technology.

The Results

Complete Care’s decision to implement an admissions workflow management solution designed specifically for long-term care facilities resulted in major operational improvements. The admissions process, which initially took almost three hours in some cases, now takes an average of 10 minutes. The move has freed up valuable time for both admissions coordinators and directors, allowing them to reallocate time to focus on the resident experience rather than chasing signatures, completing paperwork and
uploading files.

With Reside Admissions, Complete Care increased efficiency in the resident intake process by more than 80% in the first month alone and improved accuracy by 100%. With one complete platform, consistent processes and standards, admissions coordinators now operate in the same efficient way across all locations.

With over a 500% return on their investment in time reallocation and cost savings, Complete Care has been able to enact measurable change within their nursing home facilities. From addressing delays and inaccuracies in the admissions process to reallocating their time to much more impactful tasks — they have truly transformed their business
for the better.

From the Senior Vice President:

Our regional teams are now able to ensure that agreements are being signed, uploaded, and completed accurately. Reside Admissions dashboard reports have given everyone on the team full visibility across all facilities.

Jennifer Leatherbarrow
Senior Vice President of Clinical Informatics