Long-term care facilities must maintain rigorous admissions processes to meet compliance and reimbursement requirements. But as regulations increase and the need for transparency grows, you may find that your current admissions system and processes is a burden on both your staff and your residents.

Nearly 90% of long-term facilities still rely on a paper-only systems which creates unnecessary stress for healthcare administrators. Due to the complexity and sheer amount of paperwork, staff at long-term care facilities often report that their biggest fear is discovering mistakes or missing elements in admissions documents. When every patient’s paper file contains thick stacks of paper ̶  each page full of highly sensitive and intricate details  ̶  errors can easily occur.

While some facilities have transitioned to technology, for the most, it means an electronic, scanned-in version of the paper contract onto the computer screen. Ultimately, neither solve the overarching admission problems facing long-term care facility providers:

  • Residents and their families need a customized and personalized experience when transitioning into the facility. Paper, even scanned in versions, leads to irritation, mistrust and confusion.
  • Facilities need a customized admission process where they can oversee the progress at a glance. One that provides them full accountability, transparency and efficiency.

Transitioning to an online admissions process helps reduce the paperwork burden on staff and protects your facility against common missteps during the paperwork process. Not to mention, it helps eliminate paper waste by providing an eco-friendly, paper-free solution.

Here are three reasons to transition to an online admissions process at your facility:

  1. Safeguard your facility against a lawsuit or audit.

Paper or scanned-in admissions processes leaves your facility vulnerable to a lawsuit or audit. Through a truly online admissions process such as RESIDE your staff can guide residents through each section to ensure the information provided is thoroughly reviewed and completed properly. By guaranteeing each section is filled out, acknowledged, and signed before a resident is admitted, it makes it near impossible to skip or forget a necessary form or piece of pertinent information, protecting your organization against fines, penalties, and legal risks.

  1. Access real-time insights for in-progress applications.

Some admissions packets are very lengthy, others are complicated by many people contributing different pieces to the process, and still others are burdened by sheer volume. Regardless of which is most applicable to your facility, all are prone to costly mistakes. Accountability and visibility into each admission from start-to-finish is paramount at the facility and corporate level. By switching to an on-line admissions process , facility staff have instant insight into all in-progress applications, flagged questions and completed admissions through a centralized dashboard and reporting system.

  1. Maximize revenue by accepting residents with proper insurance and OBRA verification.

Between facility staff working quickly to accept new residents and an antiquated admissions process, it’s common to admit new residents with missing insurance or OBRA information. Switching to an online admissions process like RESIDE ensures that necessary information is captured at the forefront of the application and assigns accountability to staff (at your discretion) for ensuring the contract is complete and accurate.

RESIDE offers a centralized and consolidated onboarding either in-person or autonomously while also providing admissions staff complete visibility throughout the process from start to finish. Additionally, RESIDE provides insights into your facility’s KPIs and seamlessly integrates with EHR platforms, giving your team full transparency and eliminating the stress of missing paperwork and payments.  Learn why admissions will never be the same